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David Lee

3664 Hardin Way
Soquel CA 95073
Phone 831-476-0702

Although he shoots many subjects, David Lee is best known as a landscape photographer. And like many landscape photographers, he is obsessed with detail. Although stereocards have relatively small prints on them, about 3 x 3", he shoots mostly 2 1/4 x 2 1/4" negatives, the size of negative favored by photographers making prints 11 x 17" or larger. In fact, he has invented an oversized viewer for stereo pairs about 8 x 8". He has recently been invited to become artist in residence at Yosemite for a month.

Below is "Vernal Pool" shot with infrared film near Knight's Ferry, CA in 1999. The perfectly still mirror-like water reflects objects outside the frame, and the glow of the infrared film creates an image that is almost otherworldly in stereo with many planes of depth. There is no way the computer monitor can provide the experience of the original.

Vermal pool

Lee also invented and built a large stero viewer for viewing pairs up to 22" wide (11" each). It is available from Steve Berezin at

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