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Gallery of stereographs

There are two wings of this gallery. The larger gallery is devoted to contemporary stereographers and the other is dedicated to historic stereographers.

Contemporary Stereographers

There are perhaps only two dozen serious artists making high quality, professional, collectible stereographs today. Their art covers a whole gamut of styles, from the classic black and white stereocard, to anaglyphs, to digital images, and combinations of them all. To meet them and learn more about artists such as David Lee (picture is below), click here.

David Lee stereovies

Historic Stereographers

The focus of this site is on contemporary artists, but I have included a small number of interesting historic images to provide perspective. For example, below is an albumen print on tissue from France, probably made in the early 1860s. To see stereographs by William Henry Jackson, Muybridge, of the Civil War, and more, click here.

Tissue stereoview

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