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Gallery of contemporary stereographers

There are only a handful of serious artists making high quality, professional, collectible stereographs today. Below is info on some of the best, listed alphabetically.

Simon Bell. Bell is co-author of Chariots of Chrome: Classic American Cars of Cuba, and a photographer and multimedia producer, based in Toronto, Canada.

Mark Blum. Blum's underwater and nature photography is without peer. A resident of Pacific Grove, CA on Monterey Bay, his three books "Beneath the Sea in 3D", "Bugs in 3D", and "Amphibians and Reptiles in 3D", each come with a built-in viewer and they are nothing short of astonishing.

George Freeman. Freeman works with a 1950s vintage Stereo Realist camera, and makes stereocards in black and white. His work usually has a touch (or more) of whimsy.

Craig Goldwyn. I am the author of this site.

Ray Hannisian. Known as Ray3D, Hannisian has been working in stereo since 1976. In addition to stills, he has developed special video systems for filming in stereo, among them a helmetcam. Much of his work is travel related.

Lincoln Kamm. Kamm takes edgy colorful images, carefully composed, often tightly cropped, in your face, and computer enhanced. Erotica and exotica seem to be favorite topics. His site has several hard to find nooks and crannies.

Michael Kaplan. Kaplan is an architect and photographer. He has recently produced two remarkable View-Master sets of three reels each. One is a study of three homes by Architect Bruce Goff, and the other is a study of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Fallingwater. Truly, architechure and stereophotography were made for each other.

Bill Lee. A resident of Utah, Bill Lee does wonderful color stereocards that emphasize texture. Subjects range from forests to junkyards. Packed with rich colors and a powerful tactile sense, often mysterious and mystical, his stereocards force the eye to linger.

David Lee. David (no relation to Bill Lee, but they are friends) has taught photography and produces ethereal stereocards of landscapes ranging from quiet creeks to grand sweeps of Devil's Tower and other well-known monuments in the tradition of Ansel Adams.

Aidan O'Rourke. An English photographer and illustrator of significant skill. He takes strong photos and makes elegant drawings, and sometimes combines the two with sophistication.

P.i.x.l.F.u.x.a. Yes, that is the name he goes under. He says it means "someone doing digital artwork who cares for every single pixel; which I try (sometimes...)." Influenced by surrealist painters such as Magritte and DiChirico his "Objects and Sceneries of Metaphysical Realism" show the painstaking effort he puts into his works of floating, polished, rough hewn surreal mindscapes. No photography involved, but they are still remarkable stereograms.

Boris Starosta. Based in Charlottesville, VA, Boris Starosta is a commercial artist working with pure photography, computer manipulated photography, and computer generated imagery. He combines them all into brilliantly colorful futuristic mindscapes, many of which are on display on his website. He has also done some elegant purely photographic nudes and portraits.

Steven Schwartzman. In 1980 and 1981, in Austin, TX, Steven Schwartzman published two beautiful books of black and white stereo pairs shot with infrared film. Stereo Infrared Landscapes, shot between 1976 and 1980, and Bodies of Light, Infrared Stereo Nudes, shot between 1978 and 1980, show his classical training as a photographer. He gets it all right, composition, light, imagery, and depth. These are lovely, precious books. There was a third book published in 1980 called Hill Country Women. I have not been able to find a copy. Schwartzman has been doing a lot of 2D imaging lately. He recently released two CD-ROMs of Austin and the surrounding region, each containing over 1000 digital photographs plus text.

Dale Walsh. A documentary photographer from Montreal who has won several awards from stereographic societies, Dale Walsh specializes in travel. His wondrous series Sacred Sites takes you to temples and religious icons around the world.

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